With substitute teachers in high demand, Montgomery County eases requirements

In recent years, there has been a shortage of substitute teachers in the Suburb of Maryland. So whenever a teacher becomes unavailable, administrators would scramble to find other educators in school to fill in the gap.

Schools need to have sufficient amount of substitute teachers because shortage in substitute teachers will lead the students to not do any work during the class since there is no one in charge of the lecture. This is more significant for younger kids since they don’t have self-discipline. Without an educator, they will just slack off during the class. Another problem is that there is more pressure to the teacher who unexpectedly gets an additional class to his/her schedule. This will lead the teacher to be either stressed or he/she will not engage with the class. Not having a proper amount of substitute teacher will be more of a problem during the cold and flu seasons. The demand for a substitute has become the top concern in that region.

To broaden the number of substitute teachers, school system officials have reduced requirements for the job: Now, applicants can qualify with an associate degree or 60 college credits and not bachelors degree being the minimum. This change would help schools cover classes when teachers are absent and less burden on other educators who have their work and have to unexpectedly shift course.


“Hopefully, after careful screening, we will get some good candidates and even some people who will be inspired to pursue a teaching career,” Jeanette Dixon said, predicting that the move could also help diversify the workforce.

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demand curve 2:

School officials say substitute teachers must undergo background checks and an interview screening process before they are hired. Pay starts at $19.58 an hour for those who are certified and $18.41 an hour for those who are not.

There is a limited amount of people who can become a substitute teacher who has graduated doctor degree compared to ones who graduated from university/high school. So the demand for a substitute at $19.58(doctor graduate) will be low. (not enough people) But if the requirement is lowered, there is more opportunity for people to become a substitute teacher. There is a wider target. The school now pays the teacher at a lower salary of $18.41. The change in price causes a movement along the demand curve, so there will be a change in quantity demanded. Quantity demanded represents the amount of an economic service desired by consumers at a fixed price. So a decrease in price(salary given to substitute teachers) gives rise to an increase in quantity demanded by expanding the range of people who can apply for the job. Even though the price people earn is decreasing, by providing the job for people who only graduated from university/high school to have a chance, more population are allowed for the job, thus the quantity demanded increases.



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