US to China: The War Is Back On!

The US government had just imposed a new $112 billion tariff on Chinese imports, bring the trade war to a whole new level. The Chinese government retaliated by introducing tariffs on American crude oil. So far, the US imposed tariffs on a total of $250 billion Chinese goods. If Trump’s “lunatic” program fully employs, nearly all Chinese imports-approximately $550 billion worth-will be targeted. The US government’s motive for the trade war has increasingly became political, rather than the initially so called “retaliation for unfair trade”. The irony resonates. The “cold war” between China and the US galvanized in the recent years, and the political opposition by the American government became harsher. Some even say that the riot happening in Hong Kong is supported indirectly by the US government. The political end of the US government became rather less of a labyrinth.

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