Unemployment in U.S

CITIES ACROSS THE U.S. are experiencing a major discrepancy between the number of low-wage jobs available and the number of people in those areas seeking work, according to a study released Thursday by the Urban Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank. The consequences of that mismatch can be bleak, authors argue, leading to high unemployment rates and longer spells of joblessness.


This data is analyzed by snag at 2017, snag is the country’s largest online marketplace for hourly jobs. It also shows some cities like Atlanta, Miami, Detroit and Austin, Texas, had far more job seekers than jobs available. But in Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, had more jobs than job seekers.

For San francisco an Bay Area and Columbus, Ohio. The researchers had mad a  maps displaying the number of job seekers minus the number of job postings.

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