Aims of business

Aims of Business



1. Survive

Business has to survive from the competition of the market.

– Aveng Struggles for survival

With the M&R merger offer off the table, debt-laden Aveng is scrambling to keep going

– EU sugar companies struggle to survive as prices plunge post – quotas

European Union sugar companies have emerged from the cocoon of production quotas and are now fighting to survive in a fiercely competitive world market with prices and profits plunging.

2. Maximizing profit

Maximizing profit is one of the main objective that the business will have.

– Samsung’s Mobile Profit Falls as Consumers Pass on Galaxy S9 Phones


Fewer buyers than expected have shelled out top dollar for Samsung’s new flagship device, the Galaxy S9, whose high-end versions approach the $1,000 mark. The consumer rebuke, plus heavier marketing expenses, caused second-quarter mobile-unit profit to nosedive by one-third from a year earlier.


3. Maximizing revenue

Increase in revenue may lead profit to increase, therefore, business can maximize their profit.

4. Corporate Social responsibility

CSR is one of the key component of business.


5. Increase Market Share



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