Apple accused of anti competitive behavior in Egypt



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Apple have been accused of anti competitive behavior in Egypt. Since Apple have been banned selling certain Apple iPhone models in China, Apple are now facing a new problem.

Apple’s iPhone have never been the cheapest smartphone in the market. Especially new products. However, Apple have decided to increase their products price to previously unseen level across the world. One of the market Egypt have seen this treaty unfair. Therefore, Egypt Competition Authority (ECA) feels Apple has placed “unfair restriction” on local distributors.

According to local authority, Apple have decided to sell their products in official Apple stores which is designed to limit competition.Therefore, it makes Apple to maintain higher price than other products in the market. Because in Egypt, iPhones can be purchased in official stores, there are difference between other countries. For example, in Egypt, iPhone XS Max (512GB) could be purchased at a price of $1,983. However, countries that do not like United Arab Emirates, it is $1,668.

As a result, ECA have determined to remove Apple from their market within next 60 days. This decision was made because of 2 year investigation. Therefore, Apple will have to choose to leave the market or decide to equalize the price in different regions.


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