Thanks for nothing, Trump.

How on earth did the cranberry industry get bogged down in President Trump’s trade wars?

Cranberry farmers had enough problems before Donald Trump’s trade tariffs impeded trade between China and America. Since Americans do not use up all of the cranberry harvest, farmers have faced an issue of oversupply of cranberries. This results in lower prices and reduced profits for these farmers. Since then, growers have tried to target overseas markets, such as China and Europe. It took a while to introduce American cranberries to China as they are not usually found here, but demand for the berries in China grew at a fast pace.

After Trump became President, he placed tariffs on steel from China, Europe and, Canada, to which China responded by placing their own tariffs. One of them included a tariff on cranberries. (The EU also placed a tariff on cranberry juice)

This gives Canadian cranberry farmers an advantage as they are not affected by the 40% tariff placed by China.

This affects almost 6900 people employed in the cranberry industry.

What has and should be done?

The federal government should offer some financial assistance, such as subsidies, to the cranberry farmers who have suffered because of Trump’s trade policies. They have already helped by buying $32.8 million worth of cranberries (about 2% of the total crop) for school lunches and food banks, but it seems like the farmers need more help.

In the future, Donald Trump should be more careful when putting tariffs on imports so that they would not affect his own country’s products.

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