Aims of Business



Corporate Social Responsibility 

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R Policy

Business: Apple

  • Apple used 100% recycled Aluminum for making new machine bodies
  • Company’s Retail Location are 100% powered by renewable energy
  • Trying to make Aluminum without adding greenhouse gas emission.


Market Share

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Business: Xiaomi

  • Have surpassed Samsung in the new Q3 2018.
  • Xiaomi have dominated India smartphone industry
  • Have 27.3% of market share


Revenue Maximization

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Business: Facebook

  • Revenue rose 33%
  • Profit increase 9% at Quarter 3
  • Last Quarter, Company’s revenue have increased to 42%


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Business: Western Wings Corporation

  • Because of high gas price, high fee
  • Fuel price gradually increased
  • Small companies close down because customers look for low price tickets.


Profit Maximization

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Business: Centum

  • Sh1.3 Billion consolidating operating profit
  • Company’s profit have increase 300% than last year
  • Annual growth rate is 20.6%


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