The disaster of Japan child suicide rate

As we all know that Japan is a high suicide rate country. According to World Health Organization report, Japan’s overall suicide rate is roughly 60 percent higher than the global average. There were 25,000 Japanese people took their own lives and it was roughly 70 suicides every day in 2014. But even as the suicide rate for Japan’s general population has declined, it has still increased among Japan’s school-aged population. According to research by Hokkaido University professor Kenzo Denda, 1 in 12 Japanese elementary school-aged children, and 1 in 4 junior high school students suffer from clinical depression. Suicide was the leading cause of death for Japanese children, there are roughly 4,600 suicide deaths in each year, which is a terrible number.

The cause of child suicide rate in Japan


For the victims of bullying, the return to school after a long vacation break can be wrenching. After gathering suicide notes from cases in 2006, police noticed a drastic increase in the number of students who blame overarching school pressures as the primary source of their problems. These school-related problems affect children of all ages more or less equally, whether those students were in elementary school or high school.

High pressure of study to get a job

Japan has a large population, but has limited land to provide jobs. According to the graph. They has relatively high unemployment rate compared with previous year. Therefore, they have to face more pressure and the only way to get  a well-paid job is to work harder in the incentive competition

Unsatisfactory solutions for child suicide rate in Japan

Since 2012, Japan has been taking the issue of suicide really seriously and the government has put measures in place, aimed at reducing the suicide rate by 20% by 2025. These measures seem to be successful as the overall suicide rate is declining. However, those methods are only focused on adults and are not appropriate for children. The truth is that while Japan is looking for an effective way to reduce suicide among children, the child suicide rate is ever increasing. Japan can try to reduce the suicide rate with political measures but it is a historical practice, linked to how society evolves within the school system, and so unless people change their ways of thinking, the problem will still remain.





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