Law in El Salvador “Opresses” Young Rape Victim

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  • A 20 years old rape victim named Imelda Cortez faces 20 years in prison due to “attempt murder” after trying to abort her child that was given birth by her abuser. The abuser is the victim’s 70 year old step-father, he been sexually abusing Cortez since she was 12.


  • Cortez was quickly sent to hospital when her mother found her bleeding heavily. The doctor from the hospital suspected an abortion then called the police.

A psychological evaluation detected cognitive and emotional deficits consistent with abuse and trauma, yet Cortez has received no psychological support since being detained 18 months ago. She has never been allowed to hold her baby daughter.


  • While Cortez was in hospital, her stepfather visited her, threatening to kill her, her siblings and her mother if she reported the abuse. Another patient overheard and told a nurse, who called the police. The criminal trial against Cortez had opened, but the her stepfather had yet to be charged.

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