More than a meal the swanky Rio restaurant for homeless people

In a chic, minimalist restaurant with an Italian name and  menu, near the centre of Rio de Janeiro, Valdicir dos Santos tucks into his dinner. It consists of banana skin and vegetables served with tangerine sauce, beans, rice and farina, the flour, ground from dried bread instead of the usual manioc, that Brazilians sprinkle on everything.  About 90 people are eating there for free and the food are all well-selected.

In my opinion, it is beneficial for the poverty and the workers as known as chefs, too. The reason is because they are all willing to be a chef and dreamed to be a chef. Even though they do not get any income, but Gastromotiva pays her travels and also covers her meals at work which is beneficial. Also as it says on the above, the food are free and well-selected for all people. However, it doosnt say anything about how does co-founder live with providing food for free for people.

In 2016, just before the Olympic Games, Bottura and Hertz teamed up with journalist Ale Forbes to open Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro’s Lapa area, where homeless people congregate and many sell second-hand goods on blankets spread out on the sidewalk.

As we can see on the above, the restaurant is exploring and developing well in 2016 by cooperating with others. However, Ive said that it is not realistic to last forever providing free food because of lack of income, they started to sell their secondhand goods to poor to raise money of themselves. By doing this, they might can last longer and longer even though the co-founders cannot have wealthy life and for chefs as well.


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  • mm
    16 Nov 2018 at 4:02 am

    I’ve never seen this before. It’s good to know that a huge country like Brazil has people who know how to help the poor. The government can’t do it all. Thanks for finding this Ayaka.

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