As Ebola has shown, the global health system is as strong as its weakest link

From Meliandou, the disease slipped across Guinea’s porous border and spread unabated through west Africa for four months, before it was correctly identified as Ebola. The world watched in horror as the largest Ebola outbreak in history engulfed my country and the rest of the region, infecting over 27,000 people in total and killing more than 11,000.

This quote from the article gave a clear example of what Ebola can do to human beings, this virus without doubting should be the primary issue for the United Nation to solve.



Local healthcare services are a person’s first and main point of contact with the health system – the place in their community where they can go to see a provider able to address the majority of their health needs. When this primary system is strong, patients develop trusted relationships with their healthcare providers, who can encourage them to seek the care they need, including in times of crisis. Primary healthcare providers are also best positioned to spot the early warning signs of outbreaks – and sound the alarm bell when needed.

In my opinion, what the local healthcare are doing right now is not enough. the local government should gather the world to solve the global crisis TOGETHER. The society we are living right now is a globalized community, what should do is bring the world’s finest technology together and find a way to stop the spread of the Ebola virus.

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  • mm
    20 Nov 2018 at 4:10 am

    What possibly do you think can the united nations do to solve the problem?

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