Brands say “Deforestation won’t end through certification schemes”








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Hundreds of Companies are failing to accomplish their commitment to be deforestation-free by 2020. By failing to accomplish the goals, the Consumer Goods Giants are developing ideas to clean up companies supply chains.

According to Supply Chain Initiative (SCI), 469 companies have commitment to address deforestation. Which means that 400 members of Consumer Goods Forum have agreed to achieve zero net deforestation in their supply chain by end of 2020.

However, Eight years later, Consumer Goods Forum have admitted that it is impossible to achieve zero net deforestation by the end of 2020. Report from SCI proves that only 6% of the companies are following the steps to address their high risk facilities and factories.

As companies fail to achieve the goals, the NGOs started to investigate the problems made by the companies. They started to analysis companies Chain reaction research and found out that palm oil have made a devastating impact on the commitment. Surprisingly, palm oil companies that supply the world’s largest brands, including Unilever, Nestlé,  Colgate-Palmolive and Mondelēz have destroyed an area of rainforest almost twice size of Singapore in less than three years.

From these reports, Nigel Sizer, known as a chief programmer officer for Rainforest Alliance criticized that the commitment was made by many companies without serious consideration. How will it influence the company or the costs. Therefore, the chief programmer officer, Nigel Sizer urged the companies to at least make a small progress by the end of 2020.



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