Norway’s constrictive pyramid population


Norway, a developed country which locates in the Northern Europe with only 5,330,800 population in 2017. This graph indicates the total population in Norway with different age groups.  At the top of the pyramid, there’s a boat shape that suggests a high proportion of life expectancy, gradually go down the bottom, it seems do not change much. This type of the graph is called constrictive population pyramid which are used to depict population that are shrinking, the total highest percentage of population is in the middle age.

Through the graph, female are generally occupied a larger proportion than male which can cause the problem of imbalance of gender. Also, it’s a feasible reason suggests why the average brith rate in Norway is quite low than other countries.

The typically characteristic of Norway with higher levels of social and economic development, where access to high quality education and health care is available to a large portion of the population. It’s the most significant feature of developed countries compare to the developing.


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