Electric car Subsidy

The central government incentive for electric cars that have a range of 400 km (249 miles) and beyond on a single charge has been raised to 50,000 yuan ($7,900) from 44,000 yuan, the finance ministry said in a statement dated Tuesday. At the same time, vehicles have to be able to go at least 150 km on a single charge to be eligible for incentives, up from 100 km previously.

Subsidising electric cars

According to the article, the government granted subsidy 50,000 yuan from 44,000 yuan on cars that can travel 400 km or above.

I believe that the Chinese government should subsidise electric cars that can travel further. This is because the producers of these electric cars would have more incentives to produce cars that are more efficient, thus, benefiting the consumers as they receive cars with a better quality. Also, this can help the society as there would be less greenhouse gas emission.

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