Chinese government subsidize compulsory education

BEIJING, April 29 — A subsidy of 130.58 billion yuan (21.35 billion U.S. dollars) has been given to support compulsory education mostly in rural areas, said a Minis

try of Finance statement on Wednesday. The volume marked a rise of 6.6 percent, or 8.09 billion yuan, from last year, said the statement.China requires children to receive nine-year compulsory education with the age range normally from 6 to 15.

The subsidy was allocated from the central government’s budget. A large part of the subsidy will go to schools in the central and western regions in renovating school

buildings and dormitories and raising teachers’ salaries. Compared with last year, China will increase 200 yuan per square meter to support school building renovations and offer 40,000 yuan more for each teacher on their annual payments.

The subsidy should be used to balance education resources between urban and rural areas, according to the statement.More funds should go to boarding schools, small schools or those with inadequate resources, and those with a large number of students from rural migrant families, the ministry said. Part of the subsidy will also be spent on improving rural students’ nutrition and the livelihood of rural teachers in poverty-stricken areas.

China increase subsidy to support compulsory education


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